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Teacher guides for the lesson plans:

- Electricity Lesson Plan
- Immigration Lesson Plan
- Anthropology Lesson Plan

Pedagogical Value of the Website:

The subject of this historical teaching website is the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition. This website treats the Fair as a lens for American and global history at the end of the nineteenth century and provides a forum for exploring a number of issues related to this history. Exploring the history of the Fair through the lesson plans provided by this website will show students how America became a part of a globally integrated world. Contemporary issues such as trade networks, intellectual property, technological advancement, national identity, immigration, and the representation of minorities can all be addressed through this historical lens. The site provides lesson plans and activities for grades 9-12 (and could be adapted for students of both lower and higher levels) as well as a library of primary sources. The collection of primary sources in particular is a unique resource for teachers to use to develop student skills in historical analysis and critical thinking. In addition to learning about the place of the Fair in history, working with these sources will give students an opportunity to understand what some of the experiences of the Fair would have been like.

The lesson plans were designed by UCLA graduate students in the History and Information Studies departments and feature discussion questions, writing and analytical assignments, and creative activities that can be used for classroom work or for homework. There are also opportunities for collaborative work and individual projects. The teacher resources provide lesson-plan guidelines, adaptations and extensions for the activities, as well as information about national educational standards to aid teachers in incorporating the materials on this site into their classes. These lesson plans are designed for online use and for use in classrooms with varying levels of available technology. In addition, this site provides links to other online and print resources concerning the Fair.

National Standards Addressed:

National History Standards:
Historical Content:
Era 6 (The Development of the Industrial United States: 1870-1900)
Standards 1 and 1A (Technology Lesson Plan)
Standards 2A and 2B (Immigration Lesson Plan)
Standards 2B and 2C (Museum Lesson Plan)

Historical Thinking (All Lesson Plans):
Standard 2 (Historical Comprehension)
Standard 3 (Historical Analysis and Interpretation)
Standard 4 (Historical Research and Capabilities)

National Educational Technology Standards:
Standard 1 (Creativity and Innovation)
Standard 3 (Research and Information Fluency)

More information about the standards can be found at the following websites:
For the National History Standards, visit the National Center for History in the Schools. The standards themselves can be found here.

For the National Education Technology Standards, visit the Institute Society for Technology in Education. The standards themselves can be found here.